Why Can Hollywood Actress Always Stay in Shape?

While it looks glamorous to work in the world of movies and television, most actors work very hard when filming.  They often work 12 to 14 hour days, sometimes spending most of it sitting around waiting for their scene to be filmed.  With their hurry up and wait workdays and the accessibility of the food services table, which usually isn’t stocked with healthy food choices, they can put on weight if they are not careful about what they choose to eat.


It’s part of actresses jobs to keep their weight down when they’re working.  They need to be able to fit in their character’s wardrobe, they are constantly going on press excursions and they want to look their best on award show red carpets.  If they do put on weight between filming movies or on their TV show’s hiatus, they have to be able to take it off quickly.


How Actresses Quickly Lose Weight


Successful actresses have an advantage that the average person doesn’t when it comes to weight loss, which is money.  They can afford to hire people to work with them to lose weight quickly and healthfully.  Some of the people they hire to help them stay svelte include:


Personal Chefs

Personal Trainers



While many people may have access to a personal trainer at the gym they belong to, most of them don’t have personal chefs or nutritionists on staff helping them with their diets.  However, these people play essential roles for actresses in helping maintain their weight and stay in shape.


A nutritionist will help an actress keep track of the food she is eating and advices her on the foods she should be eating in order to help her lose weight quickly or maintain her weight as it is in order to look her best.  They can also prepare meal plans to guide her chef on the proper foods to eat to help her maintain her slim figure.


Personal chefs may cook all the meals for a successful actress and her family.  With hectic work schedules, it can be difficult to find the type required to shop for healthy foods and prepare meals.  A personal chef will keep in mind the actress’ food preferences and help keep them on track by preparing healthy lunches and dinners for her and her family.


Many people use personal trainers to motivate them at the gym, but personal trainers who make house calls can be expensive.  A personal trainer for an actress will provide an exercise regimen to keep them in shape and they will usually workout with the actress to teach them the proper exercise techniques, as well as provide motivation to keep going during the routine.

Short Cuts to Weight Loss


In an effort to keep their weight down and maintain their beauty, some actresses may resort to fad diets or weight loss pills to help them trim down quickly.  Some of these diets can be dangerous because they don’t allow a person to eat the proper amount of nutrients they need to stay healthy.


One particular fad that has caught on among the public is doing cleanses to lose weight.  While these products claim to rid the body of toxins, they can also help people lose weight by flushing out their systems.  Unfortunately, some of these cleanses only allow a person to drink their concoctions for days in order to flush out their systems.  By not eating food, the body isn’t getting the proper energy and nutrition it needs to keep up with the demands of everyday life, not to mention 12-hour days at work.


Many celebrities have tried losing weight with popular weight loss programs like the Atkins Diet, Jenny Craig and a host of other programs.  After trying the program and losing weight, the company may have the actress or athlete endorse their product to encourage their fans and others to try their system.  Having a celebrity endorse their program is a good way for them to find new clients, one that often works.


Part of the Job


Many people forget that it is part of an actress’ job to stay fit and trim for her role or to get more work.  Some actresses find it difficult to find new jobs if they have gained weight because it is such a fickle business and there are hundreds of actresses looking for work.  Some actresses may lose weight the old-fashioned way with diet and exercises, while others may resort to more extreme weight loss methods.


While fad diets and diet pills can help them get rid of extra weight quickly, it can be dangerous for both the actress and her fans.  The actress may not be getting the calories she needs to stay healthy and she may inadvertently encourage fans, to use extreme methods to get skinny.